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Sanabel Al Ataa Company, based in Amman, Jordan, Is a leading enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of paper, cardboard and recycling. As a proud member of Khattab Industrial group, Our company is Firmly rooted in the industrial landscape of the region. Boasting an annual production capacity of 100,000 Tons, Sanabel Al Ataa operates with a dedicated workforce exceeding 500 employees, with 205 of our workforces being comprised of talented women. Our vision at Sanabel Al Ataa is to play a pivotal role in promoting global environmental sustainability and to lead the paper and cardboard industry in Jordan, Middle east, and north Africa.

President message

Eng.Mahmoud Khattab

Dear valued success partners, When partnering with Sanabel Alataa, You are aligning with seasoned professionals boasting decades of international trade expertise. Our meticulous approach to shipping and logistics guarantees meticulous attention to every aspect of your order sourcing. With keen understanding of the intricate dynamics of for eignmarkets, we adeptly cater to the requirements of both suppliers and customers, ensuring optimal efficiency. Recognizing the inherent unpredictability of global trade, we safeguard transactions by providing comprehensive trade financing and risk management solutions. Our enduring strength lie in strategic foresight, unwavering stability amidst uncertainty, and impeccable logistical execution, positioning us as leaders in the industry.


Vision & mission


At Sanabel Al Ataa Company, our vision is to be the foremost leader in the paper and cardboard industry across Jordan, the Middle East, and North Africa. We aim to set the standard for environmental sustainability by championing a closed-loop approach to manufacturing, driving efficiency, and innovation while minimizing waste. Through our dedication to excellence and environmental stewardship, we aspire to play a pivotal role in promoting global sustainability and creating a healthier planet for future generations.


Our mission is to lead the industry by exemplifying a sustainable closed-loop approach that drives efficient resource utilization, minimizes waste, and fosters innovation in product design and manufacturing. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality. Environmentally responsible solutions that create value for our customers and contribute to a healthier planet.


Management Teams

Eng.Mahomud khattab

Eng.Mahomud khattab

Mr.Ayman Abu Zaid

Mr.Ayman Abu Zaid

Sales Manager
Eng.Ahmad khattab

Eng.Ahmad khattab

Vice president
Dr.Said Alawneh

Dr.Said Alawneh

R&D Director
Eng.Khalil Serhan

Eng.Khalil Serhan

Plant Manager
a leading enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of paper, cardboard and recycling.


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